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A Call to Serve (Pope Francis)

A Call to Serve (Pope Francis)


An essential and attractive biography of Pope Francis, which starts with his election as Pope in the evening of March 13, 2013. An entire chapter is devoted to Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation and the questions it raised, and another one on a vivid description of the atmosphere of anticipation, guess game about whom, among the various “papabili,” would succeed Pope Benedict. The longest chapter (36 pages) is that on the past life of the newly elected Pope Francis. It covers a brief history of his family, his life as a Jesuit priest, the challenges of living under a military dictatorship and of having to contend between the promises and exaggerations of the then popular “Liberation Theology,” and finally his example of a frugal life and immersion in the daily life of ordinary people and the outcasts of the favelas of Buenos Aires. The last two chapters of the book are devoted to the events of his inaugural Mass, his meetings with important world personalities during the first days of his pontificate and the challenges that await Pope Francis in living up to the expectations that his assumed name “Francis” has raised in the Church and the world at large. The whole attractive narrative is accompanied by a beautiful variety of photos of documentary nature which make the book exceptionally precious and interesting.

All Christians and non-Christians

Technical Data:
7” x 10”; 160 pages, all in full color; heavy matt coated paper; smythe sewn