The Trail Of Light 2

Authors: Jess P. Balon (Conceptualization)
Bede Hernani V. Cleofe (Artwork)
Dondy S. Daguio (Coloring)

A collection of 14 posters that visualize the various apparitions of Jesus, from his resurrection to the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles gathered around Mary, the Mother of Jesus. This collection is a sequel to The New Way of the Cross and intends to help the faithful realize the importance and demands of the Resurrection in their spiritual life.

All Christians of all ages and walks of life, especially those who are making a spiritual retreat, or as a special devotion during the Easter period

Technical Data:
8” x 11”; in foldcote, full color; available also in transparencies for OHP and PowerPoint Presentation

Set of 14; 8” x 11” -- Php 175.00
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