Author: Fr. Armand Robleza, SDB
Publishers: Don Bosco Press, Inc.


So that’s what mountains are for: to give birth to the hero. Mountains are incubators of life-changing experiences; their quiet solitude leads us to re-consider everything we took matter-of-factly. We need to disengage from the usual plains so that we can bid another take on life itself. All the staying and waiting in emptiness is not meant to be a futile exercise. In prayer, God busies himself debugging our systems from the outdated and useless apps. He reformats our processing mechanisms so that we may easily latch on to the biddings of his grace in our hearts. – taken from the Introduction to the book.

Technical Data
20.2″ x 13.3″; 104 pages; in cream book paper, inside pages in B/W; perfect bind

Stay, Wait and Pray

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