Pedro Calungsod: A Youth for Christ

Traditional Style Illustrations

Authors: Fr. Salvatore Putzu, SDB
(Conceptualization and Text)
Bede Hernani V. Cleofe (Illustrations)
Dondy Daguio (Coloring)

The life and martyrdom of the Visayan young man Pedro Calungsod who was a student in an “Apostolic School” run by the Jesuit Fathers in the Visayas, and who was one of the young people who volunteered to join Fr. Diego Luis de San Vitores, who was going to start a Catholic mission in the Ladrones Islands (now Guam). In the missionary work, young Pedro became the trusted assistant and friend of Fr. Diego and met a martyr’s death while trying to protect the Jesuit priest, who was, likewise, brutally killed a few minutes

The narrative of Pedro Calungsod’s life is preceded by a short historical introduction on the Christianization of the Philippines, and is followed by a list of the young martyr’s virtues, and by a sketchy presentation of the main characters featured in the narrative.

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