Johnny’s Big Secret (Teacher’s Guide)

Authors: Same as those of “Johnny’s Big Secret”

A simple teaching aid meant to assist the parents/teachers to properly relate to the spiritual
and psychological condition of the children as they prepare for their first confession.
Underlined all along are:
• the importance of the relationship, characterized by trust and love, between the parents and their children (which symbolizes the relationship between any child and God),
the craftiness of the devil in worming his way into the life/heart of children, as well as
• the sense of liberation experienced by the children when they open their hearts in full trust to their parents (God) and
their feeling reassured of their parents’ (God’s) enduring love, despite the children’s past shortcoming.

Parents and teachers or catechists involved in the preparation of children for their first confession.

Technical Data:
5.75” x 8.75”; 24 pages in BW; cover in full color

Php 40.00

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